Wedding Dresses Brisbane

Wedding Dresses Brisbane

Great advise from PQ Fashions about wedding dresses Brisbane

Wedding Dresses Brisbane

PQ Fashions


About 8000 local brides per month Google ‘wedding dresses Brisbane’ and the search term ‘wedding dresses Brisbane will return over 1.2 million results. That’s a lot of choice and for most people this is the first time in their life that they would have searched for ‘wedding dresses Brisbane’ so it can be quite daunting knowing where to start. These blog post have bought you information from some of the best industry experts to help you along your journey and PQ Fashions have kindly contributed their expert opinion to this informative article about wedding dresses Brisbane

During 12 years of dressmaking and alterations, we have made and altered all sorts of wedding dresses, from a white gothic corset worn with white boots, to a puffy Cinderella gown with so many layers of tulle that it filled up most of our shop. We have met and helped many different  types of brides…some have been anxious, some have known exactly what they want, some where looking for inspiration  and we helped them to have the dress that best suited them.  For most brides, the wedding dress is the most important part of the whole wedding.

Here are some helpful tips to help you choose your dream wedding gown, and stay a happy, calm bride.

Wedding Dresses Brisbane tip # 1

Choose something that reflects your personality!

  • Choose a style that reflects your persona and one that you know you will love forever.
  • If you buy on impulse, in a style that you never dreamed of wearing, chances are you might change your mind before the wedding, or look back and regret not wearing something that you really love.

Wedding Dresses Brisbane tip # 2

Do your research the easy way!

  • Go to Google, choose “images”… then…. search for ‘wedding dresses Brisbane’, that way you don’t have to trawl through 1000’s of exhausting websites, you will just see 100’s of wedding dress images. Find what you like about those dresses and then choose your favourite dress, or a feature. Next you can set out and look for a similar style. For example, a one shoulder dress instead of strapless, or a chiffon instead of satin and take that image to your wedding dress maker.

Wedding Dresses Brisbane tip # 2

Choose a dress that suits your body shape

  • Know what your body shape is, and what styles will compliment it. For example, if you are very slender, a strapless dress is better than a halter neck. For shapely brides, use soft chiffon or organza and creating straps on the edge of the shoulder will draw eyes away from the shoulders.

Wedding Dresses Brisbane tip # 3

You won’t know how a dress looks on you, until you try it on

  • Don’t be afraid to try dresses on, again and again. Take a picture to look at home if the shop allows it. Remember you will be looking at photos of you wearing this dress for the rest of your life.
  • To better judge how a dress looks on you, try it on with your shoes, hair and makeup all done up.

Wedding Dresses Brisbane tip # 4

Know your budget!

  • Set a budget and only look for the dresses within your price range. Know how flexible you are with the budget on other aspects of the wedding and be flexible about rearranging the budgets.
  • If you buy off the rack, chances are you will need the dress altered to fit you. Price can vary from $80 to $500. You can contact PQ Fashions for a quote on alterations before you purchase a dress.

Wedding Dresses Brisbane tip # 5

Wear a designer dress for a fraction of the price

  • Not many people can afford an Eli Saab or Vera Wang dress. If you want to look like a movie star, why not have it custom made. Wedding dresses made at PQ Fashions cost from $580 (for a basic evening dress).

Wedding Dresses Brisbane tip # 6

It doesn’t have to be white

  • Who says a wedding dress have to be white? There is a myriad of dresses out there to reflect your personality.  Charcoal, red, blue, grey, cream, the possibilities are endless.

If you are stuck for ideas, talk to an expert

  • Make an appointment with our dressmaker. Together, we can create something unique and tailored to your taste and body shape. Visit our website or our facebook page to see some of our creations.

There you have it….great advise from a local Brisbane wedding dress maker.

Wedding Dresses Brisbane – Buy Local.


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