Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Brisbane Wedding Photographer reveals

Choosing the ‘right’ Brisbane wedding photographer is something most of us only have to do once in a lifetime, so it’s little wonder that we are venturing into unknown territory. For most of us that means starting out by asking friends and family for recommendations “do you know a ‘good’ Brisbane wedding photographer?” but you know, what one person likes, may not be what YOU like. So the next step is online. If you ‘Google’ Brisbane wedding photographer you will get many pages of ‘Brisbane wedding photographer’ as there are 100’s of photographers advertising.

It is a difficult choice for many reasons. There will be a lot of money at risk if you choose the wrong Brisbane wedding photographer. You only get one chance to get it right, so you cannot afford to choose a dud.

The question is ‘what do you ask and what should you expect from a good Brisbane wedding photographer?’

Here is the inside tip….the real skinny on exactly what you should know, what you should ask and look for BEFORE you book your Brisbane wedding photographer.

Are you ready because this is a very important tip!

Always ask the studio to see sample albums of the ‘actual’ Brisbane wedding photographer who will be photographing your wedding. It is not uncommon for some studios to call in ‘casual contract photographers’ during busy periods. Their work may be very different to the sample studio albums shown to you initially.

Always ask to meet the person photographing your wedding. Remember you will be working with theBrisbane wedding photographer for most of the day, so a good relationship and friendly personality is vital. I can’t stress this enough, you must be able to trust and ‘get on with’ the photographer. When you meet and discuss the day…your gut instinct will let you know if this person is going to be professional and a pleasure to work with…go with your gut instinct!

Be clear on what is included in the various photographic packages on offer. Always get the contents of the selected package clearly detailed in your contract with the studio and have all optional extras clearly listed and priced.

  • Ask how many photographs will be taken on the Wedding Day and how many of those you will get to choose from.
  • Ask the studio what are the most common extra costs that are likely to be incurred in their final packages.

Probably two of the most common extra costs couples encounter is extra pages in the album and digital enhancements. A reasonable amount of digital enhancement should be included as this is what makes a great album a magical one

  • Ask if GST is included in the prices.

To photograph a wedding properly you need at least one Brisbane wedding photographer and an assistant.

Of course to photograph a truly magical day and really capture the different perspectives and angles of your wedding day you may need two Brisbane wedding photographers. Most good studios will include in their packages two people to photograph your wedding.

A ‘good’ Brisbane wedding photographer should work out a timeline with you well in advance of the wedding day. This should include locations, travel times and any special considerations such as access to restricted locations, permits and parking arrangements.

When working out the timelines ensure that adequate time for hair and makeup has been allowed for. Also make sure you hire a reputable make-up artist who uses high quality products and who also keeps to the arranged time schedule.

Never hire a friend of the family to photograph your Wedding unless they’re a professional wedding photographer. A friend of yours may take a “great shot” here and there, but you really need a professional Brisbane wedding photographer who has the experience of shooting weddings and knows what can happen and how to deal with it.

I have heard so many stories over the years from disappointed couples who thought they’d save some money by hiring a friend. It’s a regret they carry for the rest of their lives.

And last but not least, RELAX on the day. It will make the world of difference to your photographs.

There you have it…I hope you found this helpful.

I would like to thank the ever helpful, award winning, Brisbane wedding photographer, Helen McConnell of  for her gracious input into this article.

Brisbane Wedding Photographer
Brisbane Wedding Photographer

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Glen Rhodes – Entertainer & Magician – not a Brisbane wedding photographer 🙂

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